Happy Create Something Day

So in honour of Create Something Day (which is today, by the way), I spent a good two hours last night trying to find a better place to record audio in my house and so I could get my long overdue second audio blog post up.

Did some editing at the end of that and the result was out far better than the first audio post, but with what I’ve learned since then it didn’t come anywhere near where I thought I should be now for audio quality.  So I didn’t post the result.

This morning, before anyone else got up, I tried again, and I think I’ve found my spot.  The only problem is that it’s usually occupied by a teenager playing some online video game or another.  The office is more confined, has just received some additional furniture and is about to get a rug of its own.  The result is far better.

But you’ll notice I still haven’t posted it.

That’s because it’s way too quiet.  I suspected as much when I listened to it on the computer and through headphones on my I-pod, but I didn’t know how quiet and only had time to export one copy before leaving for work.  Listening in the car told me just how quiet by having to almost double my regular volume setting.

So I’ll post it tonight, I promise.

If you’re curious, I’m revisiting Summer Geek Cinema with a couple of ultra short reviews and a movie or two I missed the first time.

And I have other stuff drafted for this week, too.  Trying to get back in the groove, probably just in time to take another curve ball to the head, but that’s life, right?

Be well, everyone.

And go create something.


2 thoughts on “Happy Create Something Day

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