FanExpo 2012, Day 1

So, not exactly according to plan on all fronts, but as close as could be managed, I think. Our hotel room wasn’t as early as expected so, by the time we ate and bought one of the kids shoes, and actually got to the convention, it was a bit after four. That’s actually fine since we completely missed the line.

Halo 4. An early stop, but a long line. One of the kids elected not to wait for the experience and I walked her down to Artist’s Alley, with a couple of stops along the way including to get our picture put on the cover of an upcoming issue of “Justice League”. And as soon as I find the card with the link to my digital copy, I’ll post that. We’ll go back to Halo tomorrow and probably the next day too.

The David Prowse Q&A was unfortunately cancelled, at least for today. His plane was delayed and he didn’t make it to the con in time. He’s still slotted for his photo ops and autograph sessions tomorrow, so maybe they’ll reschedule.

Gamer Boy and I did see Stan Lee after all, getting as close as fifteen feet or so and taking pictures over the heads of a bunch of other people as he did a signing.

The Indie Genre Fiction panel was excellent and fairly well attended. I did manage to record and the audio quality isn’t awful, though needs some work. That said, I haven’t had a chance to listen to it all the way through. Moderated by Monica S. Kuebler (Rue Morgue), the authors present (in order of introduction) Karen Dales, Sass Cadeaux, Stephen B. Pearl, and Alan Draven.

Haven’t seen nearly all the con has to offer yet, but I’m not at all stressed about it. That was the point of getting the full pass: to relax and enjoy and be able to come and go as we please. I haven’t even really done any shopping yet.

Here’s a selection of pictures from today. Probably too many. More tomorrow.







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