FanExpo 2012, Day 4

Packing up the room to get things ready to go this morning. Dinner after FanExpo and then the drive home which is sad in an extra way: not only is it the last day of FanExpo, it’s the last day of my vacation. But enough emotional silliness. Today’s roundup of geeky exploits:

Turned Gamer Boy loose first thing to go see the Green Arrow premier (which he said was better than he expected) as neither of his sisters was interested and I’m not quite willing to turn them loose at FanExpo. Walked them around the floor for a while and added a pair of autographs to my collection: Kate Mulgrew and Nana Visitor. Ms. Mulgrew was just as engaging in person and Ms. Visitor was quite talkative as well. Very positive experiences both (which I have to say of all of my Star Trek cast member experiences so far).

The Rose McGowan photo op went very well for the girls. She’s shorter than I expected, but very personable in the few seconds you got to spend with her in the process.

Christopher Lloyd got held up by a few minutes coming from his photo op session, but once the microphone issues were sorted out, he was talkative and interesting, giving us a few quotes and anecdotes as parts of his answers. Before the Q&A, Someone tweeted as a joke that they didn’t think there were so many Taxi fans. Entertaining from my perspective, it proved predictive. Taxi came up a number of times, along with a lot of Back to the Future, and some Star Trek, Camp Nowhere, Piranha, and a couple of other roles.

Sadly, the Billy West autograph line didn’t work out again, and we rushed from the Christopher Lloyd Q&A to attempt a Rose McGowan signing of the picture we’d had taken, but missed her by a few minutes, and so didn’t make the end of what was probably a huge line for his Q&A either.

I took fewer pictures today than yesterday and maybe than the day before, but they were a bit more varied. Since I had three kids to worry about on my own for the first half of the day, that was my focus. Here’s the link to the Facebook album for what I’ve picked out of the stream. I’ll upload to Flickr on the first or second when my storage resets.

Be well, everyone.


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