The Future Prophecy

I met a lot of people at Fan Expo, most of them very briefly or just in passing. I also took a lot of photos of people doing the cosplay thing. Sometimes these two things matched up.

On Saturday, I met two young women (who happen to be sisters) dressed up as characters from the digital comic book “The Future Prophecy”, a project they’re trying to crowd fund on Indiegogo. The sample art they’ve posted on Facebook is pretty impressive and the concept is pretty cool. Snipped from their Indiegogo copy, “In a world full of ancient magic and dark technologies Sara’s mission is to unite the people of Toronto to save their city from the villains of Bogtown Records.” Yes, there’s a lot more to it than that, but have a look at their Facebook or campaign and you’ll see for yourself

So what the heck is crowd funding, anyway? A collective effort of individuals, usually using the internet, to support a project or effort initiated by someone else. At various contribution levels there are perks you to be claimed (a little bit like PBS or TVO, but usually more personalized and far more awesome). There are a lot of crowdfunding concepts out there and lots of websites to do them on. You may have heard of Indiegogo, Kickstarter, and Razr. By my limited experience, these are the big three. Sara and Melle are working through Indiegogo.

Why should you care about this project?

  1. You’d be helping out a pair of women working hard to produce something really cool.
  2. A few bucks gets you in on the ground floor of that really cool thing.
  3. For those of you living in Canada and looking for a bit of national pride in creative endeavors, Sara and Melle are Canadian, based in Toronto, and the story takes place in Toronto with all of the heroes and villains being based on actual Canadian musicians and DJs.
  4. They’ve got a long way to go to make their target and not a lot of time left in the campaign to do it in.

Seriously, they’ve set perks for as little as a $1 contribution and things get cooler from there. And yes, I may be broke (very broke) after Fan Expo, but my money is where my mouth is and I just kicked in a measly $25. It may not be much, but it’s $25 closer to what they need to do it right.

Check it out. If you like the project, press the button. If you know someone who would like it, pass the link on or get it for them as a gift.

Be well, everyone.



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