Montreal Comic Con

To recap, my son and I went to Comic Con Montreal in September. We hit some panels, crisscrossed the convention floor several times, saw William Shatner speak and at the end of the day went to the William Shatner/Patrick Stewart “Reunion of the Generations”. It was a great day, an awesome day, filled with Trekkie goodness. I added Wil Wheaton and Brent Spiner to my slowly growing autograph collection of (mostly Star Trek) Science Fiction cultural icons.

There was a lot of great cosplay going on and the population density was probably about as high as FanExpo, though it was around a third the size. Year over year growth was something like 50% for the con, though, which can at least partly be attributed to the gathering of Star Trek star power at the con. William Shatner and Patrick Stewart headlined, and made a rare appearance together on stage. But let’s not stop there. Brent Spiner, Wil Wheaton, John de Lancie, and let’s count Malcolm McDowell (who dropped by on stage with Shatner and Stewart) to round out the Star Trek gathering. Yes, there were other major personalities there, and not just in media, but it was a Trek focus for us, although I wish I had managed the Kevin Sorbo Q&A (Shatner ran long and who was going to tell him to stop if he wanted to keep talking?).

Related to the trip, but not the Con itself, there was food.

Dinner the night we arrived was at Comme par Hasard, an awesome little restaurant on the Longueuil side of the river (where our hotel, the Sandman, happened to be). There I had one of the greatest burgers of my adult life. I can’t think of why it’s never occurred to me to melt blue cheese on a burger before, but combined with the house blend mayonnaise (which I also don’t normally indulge in) made a stellar combination.

And it was a burger kind of trip, I guess, because at we had lunch at a not as small as it looks from the outside restaurant under the name of Montreal Brisket. At this great little place, you’ll find an incredible selection of meat. My son was able to continue on his mission to seek out and consume new animals, adding kangaroo to his list. Yes, a kangaroo burger. He expected it to be chewier, but was happy to have the experience. I went for the elk burger, myself, even though I found ostrich on the menu (which I like).

I left Montreal with some great audio, some great ideas, and some great memories. A few pretty good pictures, too, a selection of which I’ve popped into my flickr stream.

Police Chief LynnIMGA0040IMGA0065IMGA0067IMGA0090IMGA0112

Montreal Comic Con, a set on Flickr.

It was a long drive home, though.

Be well, everyone.


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