Dad Not Required

I have mixed feelings about Halloween this year. No, that’s a lie. The feelings aren’t mixed. They’re definitely wistful and melancholy.

My oldest daughter wanted to go trick or treating with her friends this year. No dad required. <sigh>

My youngest daughter went with friends of ours who were taking their one year-old out for his first. Then we ran into Big Sister with a couple of her friends and they invited Little Sister to come along. No dad required.

My son is in high school now and didn’t feel like trick or treating. He and most of his friends had decided it wasn’t worth the effort. More time effective to buy discounted candy tomorrow. While I can see the logic, it makes me a little sad that he’s outgrown the holiday, or thinks he has. No dad required.

And here I thought I had one year left to trick or treat. One year after this year. But I didn’t even have this year.

My offspring are growing up and becoming self sufficient. While I know that’s part of the point, at least of growing up, I miss the small years and wish I’d had a real idea of what I might have missed at the time.

But every age has been my favourite, or so I like to say. There are trade offs, but I’ve gained the ability to trade sarcasm, geekier conversations, and similar tastes in movies, tv, and comedy. I have different and similar areas of overlap with each of them and lots of time yet to enjoy their company, as long as I don’t waste any of it.

But Halloween will need to be rethought next year.

The ones on each side are mine.


Anything to add?

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