The New TRQ

So, in the aftermath of World Fantasy, I have a lot of books in the house. Well, I had a lot of books in the house, but now I have exactly 40 more which if my wife learns that number will result in a long series of dirty looks (at the least) since she may have thought by this point she’d mostly weaned me from the book habit. She really should (and certainly does) know better. I’ve just mostly switched to electronic books in the last couple of years. (Oh, wait. That means it’s more than 40 as there was a virtual swag bag as well. Don’t read this, my love.)

After an agony of sorting, I have determined the next 11 books I intend to read, presented here ordered alphabetically by author/editor’s name.

  1. The Warded Man, Peter V. Brett
  2. Tesseracts 15, Julie Czerneda and Susan MacGregor
  3. Rootbound, Tanya Karen Gough
  4. Tesseracts 16, Mark Leslie
  5. The Unremembered, Peter Orullian
  6. Shadow Chaser, Alexey Pehov
  7. The Way of Kings, Brandon Sanderson
  8. The Mongoliad Book 1; Stephenson, Bear, Teppo, deBirmingham, Bear, Brassey, Moo
  9. Ink, Amanda Sun
  10. Tesseracts 4, Lorna Toolis and Michael Skeet
  11. The Emperor’s Knife, Mazarkis Williams

I was particularly happy to find a copy of Tesseracts 4 at the Edge table. It was a missing link in the series for me. Awesome Canadian short fiction. I’m still missing 7 and 9, but my collection nearly complete now.

A couple of these are beyond my normal reading areas, at least one of them well beyond. But that’s one of the ways we discover new things, right? Moving outside of our comfort zones.

Be well, everyone.


Anything to add?

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