But If You’re Reading This…

You’re not going to get many blog posts that have anything to do with my writing. If those interest you, please come see me at lanceschonberg.com which is the new home for my creative endeavours in the literary arts.

But don’t despair! This blog isn’t going anywhere and I will continue posting here. The Year of Celebration still needs a home (not that I’m planning to write a post every single day, but there will certainly be some stand out days that deserve one), and I have a lot of other interests and things going on in my life. Facebook and Twitter are both awesome, but don’t cover the range of expression a lot of us need.

No, the Ninja isn’t going anywhere. There are still too many new things to try and too many new experiences to, um, experience. Lots of plans for the new year and beyond. The experience here will still be pretty eclectic, but will include a lot less about my writing career and activities. Which is okay, because there’s more to anyone than just one thing.

Be well, everyone.


Anything to add?

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