To Skyfall or Not

Gamer Boy talked me into going to see Skyfall on Sunday night. He’d heard good things. I tried to keep my expectations very low, in spite of the mostly good things I’d heard about the movie. Always a good idea with any film considering how good Hollywood is at producing mediocre content these days.

It was surprisingly good.

I say ‘surprisingly’, because I wasn’t impressed with the last two Bond movies.

Casino Royale had a lot of pacing issues for me. It was the movie that wouldn’t end. Too much tension bleed off between action sequences gave the impression of, oh hey, that was the end of the movie, we’re just wrapping up now. Only it wasn’t, and we weren’t. When it finally did end, it was a relief. And I didn’t really buy the terrorist banker as the villain—never quite worked for me. And no Q.

Quantum of Solace, in spite of the cool title, didn’t work any better. In fact, while I’ve probably seen the entire movie, I still haven’t managed it in one sitting. My main problem might be that it was a direct sequel to Casino Royale, picking up thirty seconds or so after the first Craig film ended. No, scratch that. My main problem is that the writing seemed rushed and choppy without a lot of attention to detail beyond getting to the next action sequence. Craig brought it, but could only work with the material he had. And still no Q.

Skyfall, on the other paw, has pacing, writing, characters, acting, and Q. Not the Q you’re expecting, of course, but it’s an interesting transition. I suspect Craig is only going to get one more Bond movie, especially if there’s another four-year hiatus, which may be too bad because he really came into the character in this film. I hope he gets a great deal more work in between.

The movie is an interesting transition in a lot of ways, tying things together and setting other things up for possible future stories. Maybe the four-year break between films helped work things out so the production company could get all of their ducks and get everything right. But let’s do it a little faster this time, shall we?

I’d really like to see a new film in the franchise for the 60th anniversary next year, but that’s only 5 months away and the days are long gone when the big companies can make a big film in less than a year. Even two years is a huge stretch anymore. April 13th is pretty much impossible.

Still, Skyfall didn’t disappoint me, which is always a nice way to come out of the theatre, so I’ll give it a couple of thumbs up and hope it’s less than four years before the next film.

Be well, everyone.


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