The State of My Immortal Soul

Okay, fair warning. If you consider yourself religious and that religion is a major part of your life, I’m probably going to offend you in this post. Proceed at the risk of your spiritual sensibilities. You’ve been warned.

I’m not kidding.

One would think that the state of my immortal soul is something that’s uniquely my responsibility, something that’s between me and God, should {insert pronoun of choice here, selecting gender and number as applicable to your personal beliefs} exist. Somehow, that belief is mistaken, at least according to some small bits of the universe around me.

You see, hardly a day goes by where there isn’t some bit of religious dogma tossed into my path targeted at getting me to convert to whatever particular branch or sect the proselytiser happens to believe in, or at least get me to come to church. Because, obviously, his/her/their way is the only right way and it should be easy for me to see that.

I’m relaxed. I’m open to new thought, and my universe has the space in it for you to believe whatever you’d like. If any particular person gets solace or comfort or happiness from their particular flavour of religion, I’m fine with that.

Just leave me out of it, okay?

Your freedom ends where my nose begins.

The local religious peddlers have learned not to bother me. I’m polite, but I’m firm, and the message is a simple one: Go away and never come back.

Go away and never come back!

Go away and never come back!

I don’t want to hear the Good News or that we’re in the last days or anything about God’s Plan or God’s Will or about how God is great. Really. Honestly. And that’s not going to change next week when you’re making a fresh round.

If only the news media and internet were so easy.

Freedom of Thought

Free will, as I’m fond of saying, is a wonderful thing. You are free to have and spout whatever opinion you care to have on any subject. But remember that not only am I free to have a different one, but I’m also free to ignore yours or disagree with it.

Really. Honestly. And that’s not going to change next week.

I’m free to have my own way of thought. Whatever relationship happens exist, or not, between me and God/des((s)es)), is between me and God/des((s)es)). Go about your business and leave me alone.

Oh, and for reference, I’m not going to let you try to indoctrinate my kids, either. We’ll have a stronger conversation about that if it comes to it.

And Another Thing

If you made it this far through the post, please understand that I’m not angry or upset with anyone in particular, and I’m not out to offend the world. All I want is the freedom to choose my own path, as enshrined in the laws of the country I live in, and have that freedom respected by all comers.

I wish that were always as easy as it should be. Mostly it is, but sometimes…

Thanks for reading, and be well everyone.


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