Year of Celebration—January

So, I blogged last month that 2013 would be a year of celebration, that I’d find something to celebrate every single day this year. While I still have a few days to figure out (including several in February), I’m pretty set up for the year, so the Year of Celebration™ begins today.

Not everything is an official holiday, of course, or even necessarily related to anything that actually happens on that day, but that’s fine. The idea is more about finding a little extra joy or meaning in life this year. And, while not every day is an excuse to party, there may be a couple of those mixed in with the joy. Who knows?

January 1st is pretty obvious. It’s New Years Day, the day the calendar turns over and we get that brief feeling of ‘this year can be anything’ before life settles back down onto us and reminds us that nothing has changed. (I’ll take an aside here that this year can be anything if you want it to be, but you also don’t have to take my word for it. Make the new year whatever you want and find as much joy in it as you can.)

But what about the rest of the month? Well, here’s what else I’ve got outlined:

 2         Run it Up the Flagpole and See if Anyone Salutes Day
3         Festival of Sleep
4         Trivia Day
5         12th Day of Christmas
6         Cuddle Up Day
7         Old Rock Day
8         Bubble Bath Day
9         Mermaid Day
10       Houseplant Appreciation Day
11       1st day of Carmentalia
12       Feast of Fabulous Wild Men Day
13       International Skeptics Day
14       Huygens Day
15       Youngest’s Birthday
16       Religious Freedom Day
17       Universe Expansion Day
18       Thesaurus Day
19       Edgar Allen Poe’s birthday
20       X-Ray Day
21       National Hug Day
22       The Sky is Falling Day
23       Pie Day
24       Compliment Day
25       Opposite Day
26       Spouses Day
27       Chocolate Cake Day
28       Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day
29       Puzzle Day
30       School Day of Non-violence and Peace
31       Chimps in Space Day

I’ll probably tweet and post to Facebook for each one, along the lines of “Happy {blank} day, everyone!” and maybe with a link to the source of the holiday. If I’ve made it up, it’s more than likely I’ll do a quick blog entry about it.

Happy New Year, everyone, and be well.


Anything to add?

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