To Resolve or Not


I only do one New Year’s resolution, and it’s the same one every year.

But in the spirit of the New Year, I do tend to set a variety of goals, enough that they need to be broken into categories. Leaving aside my writing goals for the year (you can see those over on my author’s site if you like), martial arts goals (which are very specific and look mainly for benchmarks I’d like to hit in my training), and other physical goals (e.g. getting back into real running condition this year), there are a handful that fit into the general category of ‘personal goals’.

Lose 20 Pounds

I actually did this last year, although December holiday eating cost me a couple of pounds. If I can manage it again, I’ll be down into the “ideal weight range” for my height. A little diet control and a little exercise. Well, and a little perseverance. And a few less chocolate chip cookies.

Return the House to Baseline

In late December of 2002, we moved into our house with two small children and one more on the way. Ten years later with three not so small children, we’ve got a lot of stuff hanging around. And kids are always messier than you think they are. We need to de-clutter. If I count bathrooms, hallways, the laundry room, and the garage twice, we need to completely reclaim one area every three weeks to get things back in line. Some of them will be quick and easy. The laundry room won’t be. Neither will the garage. Or any of the kids’ rooms, especially the one that needs redecorating. It’s a major task, but will make everyone feel better, I hope. It’ll make me feel better, anyway.

Get Better at the Telephone

Okay, I admit it, I suck at telephone. I blame the internet and texting and just plain laziness. Personal contact doesn’t mean what it used to, exactly, although it still can if you’re willing to put in a little time and effort. There are people in my life who I’m willing to put in that time and effort and this year I’m going to get off my a$$ and actually do it. On a certain day each month, I’m going to call someone I don’t talk to enough just to say hi. And I know who this week is going to be, because I owe him a phone call.

The Bucket List

My bucket list grows all the time. The target this year is to actually cross some stuff off of it, and the deal I’m trying to make with myself is that to put something on, I have to cross something off. Sounds easy enough, but there’s going to be some picking and choosing involved. Probably a half of my list involves either traveling somewhere or doing something when I’ve travelled somewhere. There are a lot of things I want to see while I have the physical capacity to do so. TV doesn’t count.

And that’s plenty

So there’s this year’s group of goals. I emphasize goals, not resolutions. These are things to strive for, to get better at, not necessarily to check off a list. Well, there is the bucket list. And the list of rooms to reclaim. But you get the idea.

Be well, everyone.


Anything to add?

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