Happy Universe Expansion Day!

The first of my created holidays for the Year of Celebration, Universe Expansion Day celebrates the release of the paper by Sir Edwin Hubble, “A RELATION BETWEEN DISTANCE AND RADIAL VELOCITY AMONG EXTRA-GALACTIC NEBULAE” which, by showing that the farther away things are from us, the faster they’re moving away from us, ultimately showed we live in an expanding universe.

Reason enough to celebrate? Well, I suppose that depends on your point of view. It’s certainly neat and gives us more to appreciate about the universe, but unless you’re a science or science fiction geek, it probably doesn’t play much into your everyday life.

So how about this: try expanding your personal universe today. Consider a viewpoint on something that’s completely different than yours and see if it has any merit. Search for something random on Google and click the “I feel lucky” button. Talk to a stranger.
The universe is expanding whether we like it or not, but we get to choose how we expand our view of it.

Be well, everyone.


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