Year of Celebration—March

February had lots of neat days in it, though I spent quite a few of them ignoring the internet. A couple of small internet vacations helped me be more productive and active in other areas of my life. There’ll be one a week long in March, too, for a family vacation.

But that doesn’t mean the Year of Celebration ends or gets put on hold.

March begins with Harry Belafonte Day. Musician, actor, activist, Harry Belafonte sticks out in my mind first for an episode of the Muppet Show, the finale for which he sang “Turn the World Around” which, aside from being one of my favourite songs in any genre, eventually served as the inspiration for a story that almost qualifies as a novel. Mr. Belafonte turns 86 today, and he still speaks in public, arguing for a better, brighter future. Here’s a recent sample:

There’s other stuff coming up, too. Have a look at what I’m celebrating and join me, or pick some of your own.

01-Mar-13       Harry Belafonte Day
02-Mar-13       Dr. Suess Day
03-Mar-13       Namesake Day
04-Mar-13       Grammar Day
05-Mar-13       Multiple Personality Day
06-Mar-13       Frozen Food Day
07-Mar-13       Alexander Graham Bell Day
08-Mar-13       International Women’s Day
09-Mar-13       Barbie Day
10-Mar-13       Day Of Awesomeness
11-Mar-13       Plumbing Day
12-Mar-13       Plant a Flower Day
13-Mar-13       Earmuffs Day
14-Mar-13       Pi Day
15-Mar-13       Ides of March
16-Mar-13       Lips Appreciation Day
17-Mar-13       Submarine Sandwich Day
18-Mar-13       Goddess of Fertility Day
19-Mar-13       Farscape Day
20-Mar-13       Spring Equinox
21-Mar-13       Common Courtesy Day
22-Mar-13       Goof Off Day
23-Mar-13       National Chip and Dip Day
24-Mar-13       Ada Lovelace Day
25-Mar-13       Tolkien Reading Day
26-Mar-13       Make Up Your Own Holiday Day
27-Mar-13       Quirky Country Music Song Titles Day
28-Mar-13       Something on a Stick Day
29-Mar-13       Festival of Smoke and Mirrors
30-Mar-13       Something on a Stick Day
31-Mar-13       World Backup Day

Be well, everyone.