But If You’re Reading This…

You’re not going to get many blog posts that have anything to do with my writing. If those interest you, please come see me at lanceschonberg.com which is the new home for my creative endeavours in the literary arts.

But don’t despair! This blog isn’t going anywhere and I will continue posting here. The Year of Celebration still needs a home (not that I’m planning to write a post every single day, but there will certainly be some stand out days that deserve one), and I have a lot of other interests and things going on in my life. Facebook and Twitter are both awesome, but don’t cover the range of expression a lot of us need.

No, the Ninja isn’t going anywhere. There are still too many new things to try and too many new experiences to, um, experience. Lots of plans for the new year and beyond. The experience here will still be pretty eclectic, but will include a lot less about my writing career and activities. Which is okay, because there’s more to anyone than just one thing.

Be well, everyone.


It’s Always a Good Day to be Published

Whatever else might happen, it’s an awesome day when a contract shows up in your inbox because someone wants to publish one of your stories.

I’m not a big needer of public recognition (although it’s nice sometimes) and individual rejections don’t bother me all that much (although a big pile of them in a short period of time can be a little frustrating), but when a story comes back as one that someone actually likes enough to pay you for, that’s pretty cool.

“Mission Log, Day 67” will be appearing in the Kazka Press e-anthology At Year’s End: SFF Holiday Stories. My story is a short SF piece that I will not spoil here, but that I think works pretty well (and an editor agrees with me), and will appear in the collection with 20 other speculative fiction holiday pieces, all coming in at 500 words or less. At Year’s End will be released on December 9th, just in time for all of those year-end celebrations.

Now, I just have to convince a balky printer that it’s okay to let me have a hard copy of the contract.

World Fantasy Convention 2012, Rough Plans

So World Fantasy Convention, the Toronto 2012 edition, starts on Thursday (ack, the day after tomorrow!), and as I’ve expressed several times, I’m both excited and nervous.

When someone (that’s you, Wendy) talked me off the fence last year, I was nearly at the mental low point of the “my life is far more difficult than I think it needs to be”, and not too far off of when I started shutting off sources of stress and distraction (which ended up being most of the world) to focus my attention on kids and family. I looked at it from a writing career perspective: potential contacts and networking with some awesome panels thrown in.

My writing career, publicly speaking, isn’t really any different than it was a year ago. I haven’t submitted that many stories this year, though I’m working to change that right now, and didn’t send out any last year. But I’m feeling much better about myself and my life these days and I’m making plans for indie publishing and podcasting in a big way. I’m writing every day again, recording some fiction for release into the wild, and plotting out a three year plan for independent publishing of novels and short fiction collections.

But I’m not going to WFC with any networking agenda in mind. People and panels. This is going to be a social/informational convention for me. I’m going for the fun, and I think that’s the way I should have been thinking about it all the way along. I’m going to meet a few people I know only on Twitter and hopefully a bunch of other people, too. I’m going to sit in, and probably record, a whole bunch of panels. I’m going to experience some new food and new places. My hotel is, deliberately, about a 15 minute walk from the convention. It’s a bigger, more comfortable room, and I need to stretch my legs a little since I probably won’t manage anything remotely like the exercise routine I’ve gradually built for myself.

Oh, and panels. There are 21 I want to go to, but surprisingly only 5 conflicts, leaving me with a few tough choices and possibly16 attended. Maybe 16 attended. You see, there are also readings I’d really like to go to, plus the Autograph Reception, the Art show, the Dealer’s room, and a late night open flash fiction reading. It’s going to be a crowded weekend.

But believe it or not, I am a little shy in completely new situations, which this is, being my first literary convention. Someone pull me off the wall, please. I’m pretty friendly after that initial barrier is tossed aside.

Be well, everyone.

Still Kicking After All These Days

In case anyone might be wondering, I haven’t faded away and I haven’t stopped writing. I actually have three posts/essays drafted for the blog and notes prepped for a couple more. Tonight I’m editing a post about Montreal Comic Con to put up tomorrow, and I’ll share some pictures the day after that. Then a surprise or two.

I am still here, but I’ve been busy in the real world. A lot of planning and some issues, plus a short internet vacation thrown in. Stay tuned for things to happen, some small, and some maybe big.

Be well, everyone.

Happy Create Something Day

So in honour of Create Something Day (which is today, by the way), I spent a good two hours last night trying to find a better place to record audio in my house and so I could get my long overdue second audio blog post up.

Did some editing at the end of that and the result was out far better than the first audio post, but with what I’ve learned since then it didn’t come anywhere near where I thought I should be now for audio quality.  So I didn’t post the result.

This morning, before anyone else got up, I tried again, and I think I’ve found my spot.  The only problem is that it’s usually occupied by a teenager playing some online video game or another.  The office is more confined, has just received some additional furniture and is about to get a rug of its own.  The result is far better.

But you’ll notice I still haven’t posted it.

That’s because it’s way too quiet.  I suspected as much when I listened to it on the computer and through headphones on my I-pod, but I didn’t know how quiet and only had time to export one copy before leaving for work.  Listening in the car told me just how quiet by having to almost double my regular volume setting.

So I’ll post it tonight, I promise.

If you’re curious, I’m revisiting Summer Geek Cinema with a couple of ultra short reviews and a movie or two I missed the first time.

And I have other stuff drafted for this week, too.  Trying to get back in the groove, probably just in time to take another curve ball to the head, but that’s life, right?

Be well, everyone.

And go create something.

The Great Audio Experiment

I thought I might try an experiment.

I’m planning to do some podcast fiction this year. “Thorvald’s Wyrd” and “Turn the World Around”, both serialized on the old Small Realities blog and both destined to become e-books, at least, in the near future. I know I’ve said that before, but I am slowly finding time to teach myself how formatting really works. Artwork aside, there’s still at least one round of going through the stories in detail to make sure they’re as good, and as clean, as I can make them before I’m ready to publish.

I’ve done some test readings, trying to find the places in my house where I’d have to do the least noise removal if I do nothing else. I need to practice reading aloud more, too. My kids aren’t nearly as interested as they used to be and I’m a little out of practice, especially for the longer stretches I’ll need to manage to do fiction.

Either way, I have this lovely microphone I really haven’t done much with yet, so I thought I might try doing a little audio blogging. I should probably find some music first, at least. Maybe a couple of sound effects? Or maybe not. A little post-production on the fly for my regular posts will probably produce a reading in the 3-5 minute range. It doesn’t have to be complicated.

But it does have to be fun.

Be well.

It Was Seventeen Years Ago Today

Seventeen years ago, sometime around now, the music began to play, and I watched my about to be wife appear from some small hallway and walk down the aisle between two neat organized rows of family and friends.  There was music, there were standard vows, but neither stands out in my memory.  What does is the look on her face as she walked towards me.  Tears of joy and not terror, I hope.

Sure, okay, I remember the flood of emotion and the little stutter and her trying to get the ring on my finger, and a thousand other little details, too, but none of those are the most important part of the day.

She was, and still is.


Looking at the pictures, I think about how young we were, a little over twenty-four in my case and not quite in hers, and how much there was to come, not that we had any idea what we were in for in spite of almost three years engaged and four and a half together.

It was a wonderful day, not that everything went perfectly, but we wouldn’t discover any of the flaws until later.  But there is something I could wish for.

No, not for the hair, which I don’t really miss all that much, and I blame the kids for that anyway.  And not for the devastatingly handsome porn-stache, which I could grow that again in a month if I really wanted to.  Not even for video evidence instead of merely photographic; video would probably show me things that my memory has glossed over.

There are a couple of people in the crowd who are no longer with us, and I’d wish for them back, even if it were just long enough for a hug or a handshake.  But what I’d really wish for is that my twenty-four year-old self had the confidence and awareness to be able to understand and express how he felt about the woman he’d just married, but that’s something that only maturity can bring.

Happy anniversary, my love.