Warning, Ninja at Work

So I won’t tell you how long it took me to draw the new header picture or how much time I spent using MSPaint (of all things) to make most of the scanned bits of dust and random noise disappear.  But I will mention three things I learned in its creation:

  1. The eraser is my friend, but only if used very carefully.
  2. Pencil doesn’t scan very well, even when forced to black and white.
  3. Slow and steady finishes the picture.

I’ve never claimed to be an artist, often going so far as to say I have problems with stick people.  I actually do okay with stick people.  Yes, the saxophone and the telescope could use some work, but I think you can tell what they are.

The point of the picture is that I drew it myself and had fun with it.  A lovely bonus is that my kids liked it and my wife said it was pretty good (I think she meant for someone who isn’t an artist like she is, but she’d never say that, or even think it very loudly.)

Always more to come.  Hope all is well.