The New TRQ

So, in the aftermath of World Fantasy, I have a lot of books in the house. Well, I had a lot of books in the house, but now I have exactly 40 more which if my wife learns that number will result in a long series of dirty looks (at the least) since she may have thought by this point she’d mostly weaned me from the book habit. She really should (and certainly does) know better. I’ve just mostly switched to electronic books in the last couple of years. (Oh, wait. That means it’s more than 40 as there was a virtual swag bag as well. Don’t read this, my love.)

After an agony of sorting, I have determined the next 11 books I intend to read, presented here ordered alphabetically by author/editor’s name.

  1. The Warded Man, Peter V. Brett
  2. Tesseracts 15, Julie Czerneda and Susan MacGregor
  3. Rootbound, Tanya Karen Gough
  4. Tesseracts 16, Mark Leslie
  5. The Unremembered, Peter Orullian
  6. Shadow Chaser, Alexey Pehov
  7. The Way of Kings, Brandon Sanderson
  8. The Mongoliad Book 1; Stephenson, Bear, Teppo, deBirmingham, Bear, Brassey, Moo
  9. Ink, Amanda Sun
  10. Tesseracts 4, Lorna Toolis and Michael Skeet
  11. The Emperor’s Knife, Mazarkis Williams

I was particularly happy to find a copy of Tesseracts 4 at the Edge table. It was a missing link in the series for me. Awesome Canadian short fiction. I’m still missing 7 and 9, but my collection nearly complete now.

A couple of these are beyond my normal reading areas, at least one of them well beyond. But that’s one of the ways we discover new things, right? Moving outside of our comfort zones.

Be well, everyone.


Things I Brought Home from World Fantasy Convention 2012

A list, if you hadn’t guessed.

1. Virtual friendships made real: I met quite a few people I’d only known on twitter up until this weekend. Uniformly an awesome group, I’m happy and better to have met them all.

2. More new friendships than I’m going to try counting. See point number 1, but also people that I met randomly or was introduced to by other people.

3. Tonnes of awesome experiences. In the bar, restaurants, panels, hallways. And all about the people.

4. Two (or maybe three) semi-crystallized ideas of potential novel scope and I don’t know how many short story possibilities, all rubbing up against each other inside my head.

5. Eight (8!) signatures in my contributor’s copy of Rigor Amortis. I am strangely, still inordinately pleased with “And Yet In Death”, my sonnet opening the book, even more so after one of the other authors, the awesome Renée Bennett, confessed to me that she’d nominated it for an Aurora. Stunned does not begin to describe my reaction to that compliment.

6. Signatures in both of my Sarantine Mosaic hardcovers by Guy Gavriel Kay (plus the memories of cornering him at the Tor party and keeping my inner fanboy under enough control that I didn’t gush too much).

7. This pile of (mostly) books:

Which includes two signed by authors whom I got to spend some time with while there, the awesome Tanya Gough and Amanda Sun.
8. 8.77 GB of uncompressed audio (14 hrs 50 min 22 sec = 16 panels).

9. A hippocampus, sketched in 7 minutes on the table of a Korean barbeque restaurant a few blocks from the con by the talented Rebecca Blain. She felt bad for me that I’d promised not to buy any art and resolved to make sure I had something to take home.

10. A hole in the wall of my shyness in unfamiliar group situations. People who know me will be surprised at that statement, and I’m fine once I get through the initial barrier, but going into an unfamiliar environment with a large group of people I don’t know and expect/hope to interact with makes me anxious and a bit withdrawn. I get through it, but it’s not easy. A little assistance there from Tanya, Stefon Mears, and Andy Taylor.

11. Some awesome conversations with Brian and Anita Hades (of Edge Publishing, Brian wearing the mantle of publisher and Anita being, at the very least, in the running for sweetest lady on the planet).

12. The desire to start it all over again.

Happy World Fantasy weekend, everyone.