FanExpo 2012, Day 3

Held up at the front door this morning. Ultimately some access/crowd control, I think, but no explanation given. In general, FanExpo seems to have taken a page from the book of Ikea: one way in, one way out, one path in between. Organizationally, I have noticed a little improvement this year, though. Particularly, lineups are managed better, occasionally with an iron fist. All beside the point.

The whirlwind tour:

So You’re a Gamer and No One Understands You. Awesome panel. Came out of this fired up on a bunch of topics and with a tonne of ideas for essays and commentary. Thanks to Jay Acevedo, Marissa Roberto, Shaun Hatton, Adam Kleinman for a great discussion. I made a waffly semi-promise to try to come to another of Marissa’s panels, knowing how much kid related stuff I had to cover the rest of today and tomorrow. I felt bad. Still do. Recorded the panel and it sounds as good as the author panel I managed to record yesterday, which is to say listenable but not really good audio quality.

Kate Mulgrew was brilliant, funny, and amazing. She was filled with anecdotes and stories and has a deep understanding of Star Trek and what it means to its fans. And she was wonderful to listen to. I also tried to record this. Big room, very echo-y, but understandable. Wish it had occurred to me for Levar Burton and John Rhys-Davies.

I decided to get Stan Lee’s autograph to go with Lou Ferrigno’s. Lines ran fast and were shorter than anything I saw yesterday. Very cool and it’s going to look pretty awesome framed.

Levar Burton was just as personable one on one when I stood in his autograph line and it was wonderful to shake his hand, especially since he offered it well before I had a chance to ask.

I had the opportunity to speak briefly with Richard Comely, the creator of Captain Canuck, and walked away with a great memory, a photo of us standing together, and a signed copy of the original Captain Canuck #1. Awesome.

Gamer Boy found a bunch of League of Legends cosplayers and spent a good chunk of the day hanging out with them, even helping to organize a LoL phoshoot.

I took a lot of pictures today, but tweeted less than I originally intended, and I’ll blame the power draining abilities of the MTCC. Returned to the hotel with 9% battery availability. The link to today’s Flickr stream. There won’t be a stream tomorrow as I’ve apparently hit my monthly storage limit and have to wait until the first to upload to Flickr. I’m uploading to Facebook, too, so I’ll link to that instead.

And, if you’re interested, I did a separate set in Flickr for the League of Legends photos.